5 reasons why your photography sucks and how to fix it

First: Why you should read this article?

Let’s make it clear: Because you want to improve your photography. I will explain why your photography sucks and what you should do(I did) to  fix it.


I was reviewing my photos from my trip to Estonia suddenly I tell myself “If I just had my fish eye!”, “Damn, I didn’t have my Full Frame at that moment”, “My 60D sucks!”. Well my friends, I have to be honest: This list of sentences are only excuses and it’s one of the reasons why my photography sucks.

The gear is important(of course) but the eye is our most important asset. We must train it, practice and improve it everyday.

Having the right gear doesn’t mean you will create a great photography! It’s time to start planning and analyzing our environment before shooting. Now I can see it, If I don’t have the right gear, it is a great challenge and practice new techniques and of course get different results.

Stop making excuses and instead give yourself a challenge, it is for You!

patarei prison


What the f1.8 is the aperture?

Without a doubt, it is one of the must topics between friends, basically “How do You create that blurred background? Mine is all sharp!” Well, I will try to explain simple and easy.

Aperture is a hole represented by a number within the lens and you can find it in your lens

The bigger the number = less light through the lense

The lower the number = more light through the lense. Let’s take a look on a chart provided by wikipedia


How this number affects the depth of field?

Well…this is an example: Bigger aperture number, we are able to see sharper the background (more distracting – not always)

Aperture 1.8

Aperture 11



Not understanding shutter speed

Shutter speed, also known as “exposure time”, stands for the length of time a camera shutter is open to expose light into the camera sensor. Basically, the time the window is open to get the sunshine.

The way it works is: less time = less light – More time = more time

1/400 s



Not using the ISO function

In easy words ISO is the level of sensitivity of your camera to available light. Less light, probably you will use a higher ISO. Good light a lower ISO. The way it affects your photo is the grain it adds to the picture. As shown in below example


Composition, and not about music

There are some rules in photography, some rules are about composition. Basically it is the way you think the photo, how do you organize the elements of the picture. Taking a photography only because, it could be great if you have a gift with the composition but learn is important. The most important thing about composition rules is: Sometimes you will break the rules and if you know the rules, you will get better results



Not practicing or reading, there are a lot of places where you can find the inspiration to create a great photography: From pinterest to movies or books.

Practice and show me how you improved!



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